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Finding Your NOLA in Danbury for Mardi Gras

While Valentine’s Day may be the holiday buzzing on most people’s mind this week, in New Orleans they have an entirely different celebration planned this week. Today is Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, one of the biggest party days of the year and THE biggest party ever in New Orleans. While we doubt many of our Danbury residents will make it all the way down to Louisiana for the big day, lucky for us there are a few places right within Danbury to give us that taste of NOLA’s vibe.

Famous Cajun Grill – We know what you’re thinking; Are we really recommending a place in the mall food court for Mardi Gras? While we can’t argue that the “Famous Cajun Grill” is more Chinese than it is bayou (despite their alligator and saxophone decor), there is one thing on the menu any Southerner would be proud to have – their bourbon chicken. Sweet and flavorful, you won’t find this on most Chinese restaurant menu but the Famous Cajun Grill at the Danbury Mall has been doing it for decades.

Sesame Seed Restaurant – While not a cajun restaurant, with it’s boho decor and laid back atmosphere, Sesame Seed on Wooster Street will leave you feeling like you’re in the Big Easy. And also, there’s there Cajun Catfish dish. Seasoned to perfection with that Cajun kick, it’s the perfect dinner for Fat Tuesday.


Famous Cajun Grill

7 Backus Ave
Danbury, CT 06810

Sesame Seed Restaurant
68 W Wooster St
Danbury, CT 06810