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Living in Danbury, Best City to Live in Connecticut

People are finally tipping their hats to one of Connecticut’s best kept secrets – the Hat City! Danbury was recently named by 24/7 Wall Street as Connecticut’s best city to call home.

With a thriving restaurant scene, endless shopping, local colleges and plenty of outdoor space, it’s no wonder Danbury won high honors on the list.

“Danbury boasts a higher concentration of restaurants, sports teams, and theater companies than is typical nationwide,” 24/7 Wall Street writes. “For physically active residents, the city also has a relatively high concentration of recreation centers, golf courses, and nature parks.”

Adding to our vibrant local scene is the newest addition to Danbury, Barrister’s Coffee Co. Located in the historical Pershing Building at 190 Main St., this Danbury relic transformed from a largely vacant building two years ago to a thriving area of downtown Danbury.

Barrister’s joins a suddenly growing list of coffee shop-type restaurants opening in downtown Danbury. Mothership on Main opened in late 2016; Pour Me Coffee and Wine Bar opened last summer and K’s Café opened in the Danbury Library last month.

“There wasn’t anything like this in the area at the time,” Tracy Hoekenga, owner of Barrister’s said. “The idea was to make a place for students to come and relax; maybe get some work done between classes. It’s a place for locals, too, to come chat and enjoy some coffee.”

With all it’s coffee, baked goods and other menu items locally sourced from within Connecticut, Barrister’s is sure to become a hit with locals.


Barrister’s Coffee Co.

1 West Street

Danbury CT 06810