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Take a Step Back in Time at Danbury Duck Pin Lanes

Danbury Duck Pin Lanes forgoes the frills of most modern bowling alleys and instead transports guests back in time. At this old-school alley, you keep score with pen and paper, press a pedal to sweep unfallen pins from the lane, and ring a doorbell to rack up another set of pins for the next bowler.

Families and friends flock to Danbury Duck Pin Lanes for the authentic old-timey experience. Although it only has 10 public lanes—the other six are set aside in a private party room, which you can rent out—it's rare that you'll have to wait to play. Since the balls and pins are both smaller than typical bowling, note that this might be a little harder for youngsters than the traditional game. But since each player gets three rolls per turn, you still might be able to come up with a spare or two.

Public Domain/Pixabay/unsplash