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Bikram Yoga Danbury: Add a New Mind-Body Practice to Your Fitness Routine

If you've never tried Bikram yoga, you might be interested in this workout that strengthens both your mind and body. Just head to a session at Bikram Yoga Danbury for the proof. This studio's instructors stick to the tenants of traditional Bikram, which means each 90-minute class involves the designated 26 postures and a temperature that hovers around 105 degrees.

The signature postures, paired with specific breathing techniques, build strength and heat within the body. The external heat allows practitioners to sink more deeply into each pose and decreases the risk of injury—warm muscles are more malleable. As the physical practice strengthens your body, the focus that it takes to flow through the routine will help to quiet your mind and oust any stress or anxiety that might be lodged there after a long day.

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