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Learn About the History of Trains at the Danbury Railway Museum

When you go to the Danbury Railway Museum today, it's probably hard to believe that its home, the former Danbury Station, was once crumbling to the ground. However, that was the case when the station closed in the 1990s. It was only through the efforts of local historians and rail buffs that the station was restored to its former glory and reopened as a museum in 1996.

Work has continued to make the museum better and better each year, so today, it looks much like it did back in the heyday of the New Haven and Hartford Railroad in the early 1900s. Learn all about the history of the station and the railroad business in the U.S. when you come to the Danbury Railway Museum. Inside, you'll see historical artifacts and miniature train exhibits. Outside in the Railyard, you can actually climb aboard a working train and chug around to see the other locomotives that live in the yard—plus, take a whirl on the vintage turntable.

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