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Make Something Beautiful With Friends at The Pottery Factory

It’s not just mugs, plates, and piggy banks at The Pottery Factory. While there’s certainly plenty of stoneware to paint (over 200 items, to be exact), there are also lots of other opportunities to make and create. 

Pour a unique decorative candle, fuse a glass sculpture, or design and slice your very own bar of soap. Walk in any time to start creating, or schedule a party at The Pottery Factory for your whole group of friends. Kid’s birthday parties, bridal showers and other celebratory events are that much more fun when you can let your artistic side out. The Pottery Factory also has popular Paint and Sip events, and you can sign up for their Painting Perks program to earn a free class by attending eligible Perks points sessions. Bring a friend, take a date or make your time at The Pottery Factory a quiet respite to relax and make something beautiful. 

Visit the website to learn about all of the services they offer, and the times available for walk-ins or parties.