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Drink to Your Health at Fresh Juice Bar in Danbury

The summer scorchers are here, and who really wants something hot and heavy when it’s roasting hot outside? The perfect solution for a light meal or snack on a hot summer day is the Fresh Juice Bar. Open just a few months now, they’ve won over the hearts of many locals with their fresh, vibrant ingredients and flavorful menu items. 

The menu is broken down into a few sections including standard juices, cold-pressed juice therapy options, bowls, health shots, tea infusions, and super smoothies. The cold-pressed juice therapy options are super neat, as each is targeted to solve different health woes from the Rise Up which helps depression and anxiety to the Fire Up which can help with digestive problems and fatigue. If you’re more of a whole foods lover, grab one of their bowls! A favorite right off the bat is the Green Bowl with avocado, almond milk, spinach and banana topped with granola and fresh fruit.