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Order a Takeout Pie From Brick House Wood Fired Pizza Kitchen & Bar

It’s important to have a reliable, go-to pizza joint in the neighborhood, and since Brick House Wood Fired Pizza Kitchen & Bar opened its doors in Ridgefield last August, it’s become the pizzeria of choice for a number of locals. The menu serves up everything you’d expect from a traditional pizzeria—classic pies topped with your choice of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and more. But the kitchen also prepares a number of innovative dishes that regulars say make this place rise above the rest. For example, you might try the clams casino pizza, which combines clams with bacon, garlic, and mozzarella for a truly unique culinary experience. The restaurant also serves a variety of classic pasta dishes, as well as seafood and grinders. 

The dining room is full of old-world charm, with arched windows set into exposed brick walls, and a big, old-fashioned fireplace in the corner. Regulars say that while take-out and delivery are both quick options, taking the time to enjoy your meal in the dining room is also a winner.