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Lace Up Your Hiking Boots and Head to Bear Mountain Reservation

If you’re searching for the perfect natural oasis close to home, you’ll want to explore Bear Mountain Reservation in Danbury. With multiple well-marked trail options, it’s the perfect place to walk, hike, run, have a picnic and generally just enjoy your surroundings. The entrance offers maps of the trails so you can take a peek and choose which hike you’re in the mood for that day.

If you’re one for a water view, you have to try the orange trail, as it leads to the banks of the Candlewood Lake, offering up a perfect, calming view that you’ll want to soak in for a bit. If you add the red and orange trails together, regulars say it’s a great workout! Keep an eye out for birds and wildlife along the way, it’s a big birding spot and some even come across deer on their path from time to time.

Sometimes trails can be a bit rocky, but all-in-all, they’re super safe, family-friendly and a perfect place to get outdoors.